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Space Availability

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Request for Library Instruction for First Year Writing


The University Libraries closely partners with the First Year Writing Program to provide support our students’ development of information literacy and research skills. Our team of instruction librarians are familiar with the FWP’s curriculum and want to work closely with you, the instructor, to support your students as they complete their writing assignments. 

Please use this form to request library instruction for your EN 101, EN 102, EN 103, EN 104, EN 120, and EN 121 classes. You will be contacted by a librarian to confirm your schedule and to let you know where your instruction will take place. If you have any questions, please email Sara Whitver (

After the second week in the semester librarians generally stop checking this form, but we are still happy to add classes to our schedule. Please email Sara ( in addition to submitting a request through this form after the second week in the semester to ensure that your class is scheduled.

The University Libraries offers a variety of instruction options to support First-year Writing classes. Our instruction program has a modular design with four distinct options that instructors can mix and match to best suit the needs of their class!

You can pick up to 3 Sessions for Library Instruction, plus as many of the Alternative Instruction options as you like! For more information on how the University Libraries can help with your composition courses, see the Library Guide for EN102/103/104 Instructors.

Accessibility Statement

At this point, you are probably not aware of any specific accessibility needs that your students have. But before you come to the library you probably will. The accommodations that your students are given in your class (especially if they are from the Office of Disability Services) ideally should be offered in the library classroom, too, so make sure you let your librarian know about them. You can usually do this without identifying the specific students who are receiving accommodations. The best approach to this aspect of your library instruction is open communication with your librarian, so that they can provide the best service to your students during their sessions.

Let's get your instruction scheduled

Please choose the dates that will work best for your class to come to the library. We will do our best to accommodate your first choice of date for each of your instruction sessions! Please be aware that during certain parts of the semester, the library experiences a heavy volume of classes visiting. In some cases, we will need to negotiate a different date because our librarians are all already scheduled for other classes. It is also possible we may ask you if your instruction can take place at a branch library or in the computer lab in the building that your class usually meets, because the classroom space in Gorgas is limited. Regardless of space and volume issues, we are really looking forward to working with your class and will do everything in our power to make it easy for you!

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